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5th Establis Workshop on Charge Carrier Transport in OSCs

October, 2 to 4, 2013 / Vilnius, Lithuania


The University of Vilnius is organising the Fifth ESTABLIS Workshop.
This edition is dedicated to "Charge Carrier Transport in Organic Solar Cells"
Lectures on Charge carriers transport and recombination in amorphous inorganic and organic semiconductors Presentation of the Experimental techniques for investigation of charge carriers transport and recombination A Lab tour and some practical information about equipment The workshop is open to master, phD students and Postdoc

Participants will:

  • Get acquainted with the theory of charge carriers transport, recombination processes and influence of trapping in inorganic and organic amorphous semiconductors.
  • Learn how to use experimental techniques: charge carriers extraction by the linearly increasing voltage (CELIV), time of flight (TOF) and double injection (DoI).
  • Listen to tutorials by international experts in the field;

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Open until: 30 September 2013