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2nd Workshop in Clermont Ferrand

Looking back at One of 2012 Establis Event 

During the first week of December 2012, members of the Institut de Chimie de Clermont-Ferrand (ICCF) hosted the second ESTABLIS Workshop & Management committee meeting. As the name of the institution suggests, it is located in Clermont-Ferrand, a city full of history situated right in the core of France and surrounded by impressive volcanic landscapes.

The ESTABLIS fellows working at the ICCF, Ievgeniia and Isabel, as well as Aurélien, whose co-host institution is also the ICCF, made our best to welcome all fellows dedicating the first morning to a short city centre tour, a little perturbed by the freezing cold wind and occasional rain. We enjoyed a nice time catching up with everybody through the Christmas decorated streets of Clermont and finally warming us up while having a hot coffee at Place de la Victoire, nearby the beautiful and shadowy cathedral of Notre Dame de l’Assomption. In fact, this building, as many others in the city, was built with the dark Volvic stone obtained from the basaltic caves around. 

All fellows were staying at the Maison International Universitaire, and it was precisely there where our meetings took place. The first two days of the meeting were assigned to the Workshop, in which we dealt with one of the weak points of organic solar cells: their photodegradation and stability.  Several lectures were masterly given by Professor Jean-Luc Gardette, Dr. Agnès Rivaton, Dr. Sandrine Thérias and Dr. Pierre-Olivier Bussière, all of them members of the research group P2DP (Polymères, Dégradation, Durabilité des Propriétés) at the ICCF. Starting from a basic approach to photochemistry, the lectures evolved step by step to finally provide us a great overview about polymers photodegradation and stabilisation and the analytical methods currently used at the institute to evaluate and follow these effects.

The rest of the week was specifically devoted to ESTABLIS discussion. During the Science&Training Committees, work package presentations were given by all the fellows, showing the first results of their work and allowing a great exchange of opinions and suggestions among students and supervisors. There was also time for Public Outreach Committee (POC) and Fellow Committee (FC), as well as for other necessary coordinative sessions inside the project. This meeting allowed the creation and the reinforcement of collaborations among the fellows, who thanks to the knowledge gained during the workshop showed bigger concernment about photodegradation and stability studies.

As not everything can be work, we also had the opportunity to taste French cuisine specialities while continuing (or not!) with scientific discussions. The special social event of the week was a guided visit at the Michelin Museum, a funny way to discover the history of this famous tyres manufacturing company with base in the city of Clermont-Ferrand. 

On Friday 7th December, we said goodbye to our colleagues hoping that they had a nice time in our place and of course leaving the door open for any future visits.


by Isabel Fraga and Ievgeniia Topolniak,

Establis Fellows