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Summer School in Frying Pan !!

Insight from Establis fellow about coming up Summer School 

IMDEA LogoYES!!!! This time ESTABLIS summer school is in Madrid from 16th-26th of June 2013, IMDEA will be hosting it. The IMDEA-Nanociencia Institute is a new interdisciplinary research centre dedicated to the exploration of basic nanoscience and to the development of nanotechnology applications, in connection with innovative industries. Furthermore the working atmosphere is highly international and friendly.

IMDEA BuidlingAs a partner in the ESTABLIS project, IMDEA Nanociencia has the role to measure and modelize the photo-physics of the Organic Solar Cells in order to optimize the device performance. During the Summer School, all the participants will get complete training on these techniques, learning how we are running our task.

  Everything is set for the ESTABLIS Summer School here and we all are still working hard for making it colorful and exciting. The Summer School will be in Mirafloresde la Sierra and the workshop and STC will take place at the IMDEA Nanociencia. During the workshop all the fellow will have the opportunity to face an outreach activity in a secondary school in Madrid, which will be thrilling and that will add even more fun.

Madrid Night

Madrid lives in the present and no city in the world is more lively;culture, entertainment and leisure form a unique mix: museums, restaurant, concert halls, gardens, squares always full of people and noise. I would say that you should spend at least one night in the city’s legendary nightlife. We have a lot  in this summer for you!

Waiting you in Madrid,