Events timeline

Last rush toward our objectives

Our last-but-one STC and workshop have just ended!

It has been hosted by our partner EKUT in Tuebingen, 4 days of good science organized in a perfect way by Pr Chassé, Dr Peisert and our fellow on-site Aurélien Tournebize (assisted by Hasina H. Ramanitra and Hugo Santos Silva, now there for their secondment). The result have been a perfect mix of science, typical Baden-Württemberg food (and beer), sightseeing, bowling, pool, butter bretzel,...


This STC has been really intense, it was necessary to sum up the work made by each fellow and to organize the last months of work, to be able to fullfill our objective of a 10 years stable solar cell. A lot has been done already and we are all ready for this final rush!

The workshop about "Surface and thin film characterization using photoemission" was held by Pr T. Chassé and Dr H. Peisert, while the second seminar about "Managing-change, conflict, hiring" has been given by Dr W. Lovenich (Heraeus).

At last, we express our special thanks to Dr Hans-Joachim Egelhaaf that joined our meeting and who gave us a wonderful seminar about OPV's future.

Alberto Gregori, ESR2