Latest Outreach activites

Outreach Activities

During the 6th Annual Researchers Conference in Slovakia  I had possibility to present a poster to difuse the ESTABLIS Project.



Yesterday, 12-17-2012, we had the pleasure to do an outreach activity of Establis-Fullinc.
outreachThe Establis-FullInc team went to visit 9 years old children in their school!
This was the first of a two days outreach activity. On the 10th of January, the Team will have the pleasure to welcome the children at the IPREM.


We will post soon pictures and video! stay tuned!

In the mean time:


Dr. Roger Hiorns, Establis Coordinator, will have the pleasure to do the first outreach activity of Establis. It will takequestionnement place on the 29th of May. Four classes of primary school will have the opportunity to meet end exchange with Roger Hiorns about sustainable energy, OSC and polymers. This event is organised by "l'association des petits debs d'Aquitaine".

To learn more about the event click here