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Au revoir Saint-Cricq!

The 19th of may ESTABLIS team in Pau (Mélanie, Alberto, Hasina, Craig, Christine, Roger and Hugo) with Meera as special guest, has welcomed the english-german classes from Lycée Saint-Cricq on the UPPA Campus.

Establis knows these boys and girls since the beginning of last academic year, when Roger accepted to be "parrain" of this new project organized by William and Laurent, the two teachers of the Lycée Saint-Cricq.

After visiting them at their school (see Outreach in Pau!) last november during our Outreach WkS last november, this time the students came to the UPPA campus and to the IPREM to see researchers in their environment. Their visit started with some laboratory work at the faculty, in the very same lab attended by the university student, they sinthetized acetyl salicylic acid and two different kind of gel, chemical and physical, understanding the difference between them and their properties (look at the video!).UPPA, ESTABLIS Saint-Cricq

The morning together was concluded at the IPREM, visiting the different laboratories and getting in contact with the lab life and all the different technics and equipments located at the IPREM.

A big thank you to Mélanie, William and Laurent for have organized this activity and even a bigger MERCI, THANK YOU,  DANK to all the wonderful students we have met, good luck for your future, hoping it will be brilliant and full of science!!


Alberto Gregori, ESR2

Saint-Cricq ESTABLIS