Latest Outreach activites

ESTABLIS meets Arudy Collège

Last wednesday our project leader Roger C. Hiorns gave a short seminar about OPV to 60 students of Arudy Collège.

He showed to these 14-15 years old students the working principles of OPVS, their advantages and their versatility in respect to traditional inorganic devices. The seminar has been followed by a practical activity led by our fellows Hasina H. Ramanitra and Alberto Gregori: build a home made working dye sesitized solar cell. The students, divided in 10 groups of 6, started a competition based on the best open-circuit voltage of their own cells, with a winning value of around 20 mV!! This intervention has been organized in collaboration with Mme Jeanne FRANÇOIS, Présidente Honoraire, Union Régionale des Ingénieurs et Scientifiques du Bassin de l’Adour (URISBA, establis hiorns OPV Arudy collège dye sensitized Arudy collège OPV dye sensitized Arudy collège establis opv dye sesitized