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Outreach in Pau!!

OutreachOn Friday Nov. 15th, the Establis fellows took part in a group outreach activity during our meeting in Pau, France.

We spent three hours in Saint Criq High School to discuss about solar energy and the ESTABLIS Project with 50 students (14-18 years of age), divided into 4 groups based on the languages they were studying (two of this classes are part of a innovative project, where the students take physics and chemistry classes in english or german) . Due to the multinationality, the ESTABLIS team has been able to host two lectures in French, one in English and one in German. During the event each group had a 1 hour discussion on solar energy, its history, how it works and how ESTABLIS is working towards creating more stable inexpensive solar panels for the future. Following this we organized a hands-on laboratory experiment where we constructed simple solar panels using household materials.

 St Cricq Organic Solar Cell

The event was well received with many smiles and working solar cells in hand!

A special thanks goes to William and Laurent, the two teachers of Saint Cricq that held the german/english classes and who permitted us to live this wonderful experience!

St Cricq organic solar cell

Dr Graham Morse, POC chairs