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The Journey-Climate KIC Summer School 2013 at Warwick University (UK)


I gave an invited talk at The Journey, Climate-KIC (, at Warwick University (UK) which is a 5-week intensive climate change innovation and entrepreneurship school, based in 3 locations.

Warwick UniversityI delivered a 1h talk/lecture on "Renewable Energy" covering the range from the energy demand and market to renewable sources in general, solar energy, PVs and OPVs with particular focus on OPVs. There were about 40 students and three coaches from different academic backgrounds, master and PhD level, from all around the world. this was followed by a three-hour hands-on workshop in the Chemistry Department making and measuring simple dye-sensitised solar cells.

Stefan Schuman, FC Chair

Climate-KIC Renewable Energy Stefan SchumannLab Activity 1