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Establis encuentra jóvenes estudiantes españoles bilingües!

This Outreach Activity was held during our First Summer School in Madrid in june. We took local transport to a Bilingual Elementary School, the "Colegio Frederico Garcia Lorca" in Alcobendas, where around 100 students, 8-12 years old boys and girls, were waiting for us.

Introduction by Isabel Fraga DominguezThe event commenced with a 30 minute keynote speach by our fellow Isabel on "Energy and the Environement" where we introduced the production of energy and the effects on the environment in Spain and why renewable energy sources are an attractive (and essential?) option.

After this introduction, the students have been separated into four groups and rotated at each of our four station over two hours

  1. solar cells in action;
  2. light weight, colours and design;
  3. colour and energy;
  4. careers in science.

Fashion T-shirts were specially made for any of us, to attract the attention of the students and to give us a clear group presence. 

Overall the event was a big success met with lots of smiles and lessons learned! 

Graham Morse, POC Chairs

Careers in science poster Color and EnergyEstablis Fellows at Colegio Garcia Lorca