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Earth receives enough sunlight in one hour to satisfy all human needs in a year. Using solar energy will reduce harmful CO2 emissions and resolve the forthcoming energy deficit. The market for stable, mass-produced Organic Solar Cells is estimated at one billion Euros by 2016.

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ESTABLIS will train a team of 11 PhDs and 4 Postdocs to become the scientific leaders in industry and academia. ESTABLIS Fellows will excel.

Research on organic solar cells

Complementarity is at the heart of Establis. To develop Organic Solar Cells requires a concerted combination of physical, synthetic and modelling capabilities. Establis members are working together–across preconceived scientific boundaries–to accelerate the production of Organic Solar Cells.

Partnerships & collaborations

Our Industrial Partners and Associate Partners ensure that the training and technology is economically feasible.

EU support

The EEC is constructively investing more than 3.9 M€ in Establis to train, research and collaborate at the highest international level and ensure our energy platform for the 21st century.

Scientific Programme

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Challenges ....made to overcome!

The foundation of Establis is its highly complementary Partners and Associate Partners. Metaphorically speaking, the Training programme provides the roof of the Establis house. But the structure, the bricks and cement of Establis, is its research.

Making Organic Solar Cells with lifetimes appropriate for large-scale commercial applications use means applying, synchronously, a wide range of sciences. Chemistry, electronics, physics and optics will all play roles. Extensive synthetic work, frontier-pushing characterisations, and beyond state-of-the-art computer-based modelling, will be essential to understanding, and improving, Organic Solar Cell lifetimes in Establis.

So while Fellows will be working across sciences, drawing together results from complementary fields, there will be extensive opportunities to communicate within Establis, respecting Intellectual Properties. The research will be directed by the Supervisors in coordination with Work Package Leaders and the Director of Training.  Extensive meetings and electronic exchange forums will be exploited to ensure that results are not only translated across the languages used for the different science fields, but also result in real, tangible products that work because all the relevant chemical, electronic and physical factors were taken into account. This is the Establis vision.

And of course, the windows will be the publications and the industrial production of Organic Solar Cells. Let the light come on in!