International Laser Center

International Laser Center

ILC logoInternational Laser Centre (ILC) The International Laser Centre was established in 1997 as an interdisciplinary research institution and autonomous legal entity under its founder, the Ministry of Education of Slovak Republic. The ILC aims to create a centre for education, research and development in advanced laser, material and photonic technologies in cooperation with Slovak universities, academic institutions and industry. It is based on an interdisciplinary approach, where several core laboratories dedicated to microscopic, spectroscopic and time-resolved (femtosecond to real-time) techniques, together with laser technology, applied optics and information technology laboratories. The department of laser technology and department of biophotonics are merged to development, application and dissemination of knowledge from these fields.
Since 2009, ILC joined networking activities of the Integrated Initiative of European Laser Infrastructures (Laserlab Europe II,, where ILC is responsible for pedagogic activities (organising User Community Training workshops), as well as development of techniques for spectrally and time-resolved microscopy with non-linear excitation (Joint Research Activity OptoBio).

Establis team at ILC:

Prof. Frantisek Uherec (Partner Leader)
Dr. Andrej Vincze
Dr. Alexander Satka
Dr. Daniel Hasko
Mamadou Seck (ESR11)





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